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Big Data Service

With the aid of professionals, Snypar Tech’s big data consultancy helps to extract useful insights from enormous amounts of multi-structured data. We assist businesses to uncover undiscovered patterns, identifying trends, and improve knowledge, Snypar Tech offers big data consultancy, implementation, support, and managed services. 

To assist clients in becoming wholly digital businesses, we help them overcome big data difficulties. Big data strategy, real-time big data processing, machine learning, data platform management, and analytics solutions are all included in our big data consulting services. We assist you in implementing a thorough big data strategy and highlight big data analytics solutions because we believe that every organization can become a data-driven business.

Big Data Services Offered At Snypar Tech

We offer a variety of big data services at Snypar Tech. This includes:-

Big Data Advisory Services

Snypar Tech conceptualizes a big data analytics solution, selects the best technology stack, and conducts a Proof of Concept to demonstrate the viability of a challenging big data project.

Big Data Support Services

To ensure the highest ROI of a big data solution and its smooth progression, Snypar Tech performs a health check to identify any problems with the current big data infrastructure, offers targeted advice, and introduces pertinent improvements, if necessary. 

Big Data Solution Implementation

To meet your company’s demands and goals, Snypar Tech designs develops and deploys a comprehensive big data analytics solution with a special feature set.

Big Data Managed Services

Without the need to set up and maintain a proprietary big data solution, Snypar Tech gathers and analyzes your big data to provide you with timely or ongoing analytics insights that are actionable.

Big Data Storage

Engineering scalable data warehouses and data lakes as part of our experience with data storage allows us to store and retrieve data quickly. Knowledge of databases, a variety of tech stacks, and database models like Graph, Search, Columnar, and Timeseries help us find the optimal solution for your use case so that data is made quickly and in the appropriate format. 

BI &Analytics

Businesses and companies utilize our BI and Analytics capabilities to create self-service, interactive dashboards that allow them to consume and visualize their data and gain insights for better decision-making.


Companies stay relevant by keeping user engagement at a high level. Our technological advancements and design thinking support you in achieving it.

Data Management

To build up extensive data management, we collaborate with clients. Our team of experts has practical experience building petabyte-scale data lakes and warehouses leveraging the most recent technological advancements. Therefore, storage costs, maintainability, and retrieval can all be maximized for business needs.

Preventing Data Security Risks

To prevent data breaches, our DevSecOps procedures and boilerplates make sure that security and governance best practices are integrated throughout the development process. This is accomplished by putting into practice a data strategy with security as a key and vital factor. You may feel secure knowing that your big data environment is safe with our data security services. 

Data Governance

Our process guarantee that data quality is unaffected wherever it is processed or stored. Our initiatives are set up with comprehensive data governance policies and procedures. To ensure that the confidentiality of the data is preserved, checks are made at regular intervals. 

Cost Optimization

Big Data processing, analysis, and storage are expensive processes. You are always maximizing your return on investment from cloud platforms thanks to our cloud expertise. Additionally, our consultative approach enables you to choose wisely between building and purchasing, preventing overspending on activities.

With our dedication to technical quality, our focus on product development, and the real commercial advantages they have.